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What can you do during your working hours in Finland?

23 April, 2012 (11:50) | Finnish Businesses, Finnish Culture, Working in Finland | By: Snezhana Snezhko

What can you do at workMany men go to the barber shops during their working hours, but is this behavior appropriate? How do bosses accept the situation when employees are visiting child clinics or their cars’ worthiness tests during the work time? There are a few companies that permit their employees to visit groceries stores during their business day, but what if shopping continues on the Internet at the working table? Taloussanomat explained what is appropriate to do during the working hours and what is not.
Taloussanomat asked different organizations what employees can do during their working hours.
Is it normal to visit hair salon, dentists or, for example, child health clinics? What if employees visit sport clubs of their children or housing association affairs? What about making banking affairs or visiting different forums on the Internet?
“It is very clear. Working hours are for the work. Employers have a right to organize jobs and guide the instructions for their implementation”, says Chairman of Advisory Board for Managerial Staff, Heikki Kauppi.
Decisions and work instructions vary from organization to organization, because these are the things that are hard to agree on even in official labor units. In practice occasions vary with workplace. In the number of organizations job details do not have clear instructions therefore these matters are decided case by case.
Employees have a lot of freedom and opportunities while surfing the Internet. In many organizations it is permitted to complete different banking affairs as well as reading online newspapers during the working hours. However, watching sport events and playing online poker games are not suitable in the work schedule, unless these activities are the part of the work.

Surfing the internet is the way to do the work
The study shows that use of the Internet for own purposes, has become a deeply rooted activity at the working place and is open for everybody at different organizational levels. During the working hours employees are reading afternoon newspapers, solving personal things online and even getting acquainted with someone via online chats.
Heikki Kauppi says that it is almost impossible to restrict the use of social media during the work time, since for many companies it is important to be aware of what takes place in social media.
- Our personnel get their job done and they are able to self-determine what tools they need, says the representative of the Administrative Confederation Markku Järvenpää, Eteläranta 10:n.
According to Markku, it is actually part of a work assignment to follow different field of journals and, if necessary, participate in discussions. Järvenpää believes that the personnel should be even more actively involved in the social media.

“For young people work and leisure time intersect”
Export companies such as Wärtsilä stress the importance of freedom and responsibility in their employees.
- We emphasize flexibility and mutual trust. In particular, specialist positions are essential to work performance, which is not necessarily bound by time or place. In this case, use of time can be agreed upon within the work community with its own manager. For young people work and leisure time is cross-volatile. As employers we aim to take into account these changing attitudes and practices, says Atte Palomaki, Communications Director.
Wärtsilä has used computer security guidelines to ensure system integrity and sufficient capacity.
Certain types of site categories, such as adult entertainment and gambling, have been restricted in access.
- On the other hand, staff has an access to social media sites. We use Youtube, Twitter and Facebook as official communicators and we encourage our experts to participate in active dialogue with their target groups online, says Palomaki.

“Free time is the time of creativity”
For many consulting companies it is significant to constantly generate new ideas. Many consultants are encouraged to take some time for leisure, when they can play, for example, ping-pong or table soccer. Experts believe that new ideas are coming when consultants are not totally focusing on the process of creation, but give a break to his/her brain.
The appropriate list of activities that employees can or can’t do during work schedule varies from company to company. Every single employer wants his/her organization to achieve the best results. However, only smart employers understand that employees’ job satisfaction influence the performance of that organization.

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