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Storsand – a dissent beach with dunes

16 July, 2013 (11:39) | Exploring Finland | By: Aleksi O.

StorsundFinding a nice beach with lots of sand and a great view in Finland is a challenge. Any of those beaches that are 15 miters long with questionable sand do not count.
Here is our advice – go to Storsand. The area is quite remote to be disturbed by anyone if you need peace but there are people around you too. You will find a nice grilling place, actually two of them, a big parking place which easily turns into a football field and (!) even sand dunes. If you plan to grill, take wood with you. Though there is forest around you and sometimes there is a pile of chopped wood, sometimes the wood runs off and you’d need to wonder for some dry branches. This said, take some meat for grilling, a ball, a good company and enjoy you time on the nature site.

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