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Hello World! – A Good Name For The First Post

24 September, 2010 (03:09) | Random | By: Urho M.

“Hello world!” It’s a nice way to start the blog.

This is the first post. It passed more than 4 months since I first put it up and the next review. What has changed? Well, we’ve got pretty determined to share some valuable information about Finland and living here. Also we come to a conclusion that running this nice theme with the mere abilities of the FinnStore team will be not that much of a fun adventure. This is a call to the masses – if you find the topics of the discussion interesting and you would like to contribute your opinion, then make yourself heard. Any material is welcome – i.e. you wrote a nice paper for you Political Economy class about Finland and find it good to be read, send it to us (we can grant you the right to be a publisher); you heard some nice presentation about the Finnish company – send us your opinion; you are good at doing some cultural scan and open to share you discoveries about Finland – share it with us.

Call me a daydreamer, but I believe that there is so much potentially valuable to other people information around us, which we care the least about, but to another person it could be so precious. When I was a student in Business Administration, I wrote a number of papers. Some of them were so-so, but some of them were full with some spicy juice. Why should it not be available for free? I can get the other people’s review, which I cannot get unless I talked to an assigned person (lecturer, professor, etc). Seems to be pathetic and wrong to miss such a nice opportunity to grow and continue education from the pot of knowledge that is out there. Sure this can turn into a big trash pot, but, hey! – “Good things come out of shit”

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