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Have you been living in Finland too long?

19 April, 2012 (21:13) | Facts About Finland, Finnish Culture, Random, Surviving in Finland | By: Snezhana Snezhko

Living in Finland too longDuring one of my Finnish classes teacher shared the list of things according to which you can see whether you have been living in Finland quite a long time. Of course, the list of things is a joke, but they say there is a portion of truth in every joke. Voila! Enjoy it and check yourself:

So, you have been living too long in Finland, if…

- You think that it is normal to eat lunch at 11:00

- On Thursdays you feel like eating pea soup with pancakes

- While entering the post office, bank or pharmacy you are looking for a machine with a queue ticket in the first instance

- A deep sigh is a part of your daily vocabulary, particularly a constant utterance of “Mmmh”

- Silence is fun

- When it is 70 degrees in the sauna, it is cool, but when it is 25 degrees outside, it is hot

- A natural part of business negotiations is to sit naked with strangers in a hot room (sauna)

- Your entrance room looks like a shoe store

- A stranger smiles at you if he/she is a) insane, b) drunk, c) foreigner, d) all of the above at the same time

- The only reason to go to Stockholm is to get into the closest to the harbor McDonalds

- You take the ferry to Stockholm to a) drink duty-free vodka, b) drink duty-free beer, c) to party… not getting off the boat in Stockholm, just turn around and do the same again on your way back, d) do all of the above at the same time

- You are really interested in who Matti Nykänen’s current girlfriend/wife is

- You know that the “pussi” is not a woman’s sex organ, but a plastic bag

- Your bad mood becomes your good mood

- You no longer look at sports pants as casual wear, but recognize them as semi-formal wear

- You understand why the Finnish language has no future tense

- You have become lactose intolerant

- You are always on time

- Sandals and long socks are a good combination

- You get drunk on religious holidays

- You drink at home before leaving for a restaurant to drink

- You think it is normal to go to the summer cottage in the middle of the forest to feed mosquitoes and to drink alcohol

- You take off warm clothing in April, as though it is +25 degrees outside, just for the reason that it is April

- You are wearing a T-shirt and shorts in July, even though it is 10 degrees warm, just for the reason that it is July

- You only have two facial expressions: happy and serious

- Frost and snow is not a barrier to cycling

- You get nervous if the bus/train is two minutes late

- You think it is normal to continue walking even if a stranger asks you for something on the street

- You have been engaged for four years without any plan for getting married

- Your wardrobe consists of 20 different shades of gray and black

- There are no business negotiations on Friday afternoon. (The same is true in July)

- You are constantly updated and interested in obtaining the latest cell phone models

- If your co-worker is ordering a drink for you then you know that it will be a long evening and a thick head the next day

- Most of your friends have the same names so you have to use their last names

- You got to the cinema right after you see the ads of a movie

- You think that 8 Euro for a sandwich and a cup of coffee is a fair price

- You are sure that Lapin Kulta and Karhu beers have a very different flavor.

:) What do you think about it? Leave you comment bellow. If you have other great observations to add to the list, feel most welcomed to post bellow.

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