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Celebration of Mother’s Day in Finland

12 May, 2012 (12:12) | Facts About Finland, Finnish Culture | By: Snezhana Snezhko

Mother's Day in FinlandMother’s Day is the brightest celebration honoring mothers all around the world. In many different countries it is celebrated on various days, most commonly in March, April, or May. The celebration of Mother’s Day was adopted from the United States in early 1900s. Since that time different countries and cultures give different meanings to this event, but the main focus remains to honor mothers. In Finland, Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It has become an official flag raising day since 1947. This year Mother’s day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 13th. Finnish Mother’s day is a quiet celebration. Traditionally, mothers receive flowers and handmade postcards from their children. Later in the day, mothers can be surprised with a homemade dinner and cake. It is common for Finns to visit grandmothers on that day. Some people visit cemeteries in remembrance of those mothers who are not alive today. Ilta-Sanomat newspaper made a small questionnaire to figure out what is the most commonly presented gift to Finnish mothers.

  1. It is always nice to see mothers look beautiful, young and refreshed. That is why the majority plans to present Beauty Salon Service Certificates as a gift to their mothers.
  2. Framed photo of family was ranked as the second most common gift. The family reunion imprinted on the picture will always bring a sweet memory to every mother.
  3. Some mothers are sick and have reduced mobility. Therefore, the most common present that they receive is spring cleaning service of rooms, windows or balconies. Some children have decided to plant flowers on their mothers’ balcony and to take care about them for the whole summer. Blossom of beautiful and colorful flowers on the balcony will always rise up mother’s mood and remind her about her children.
  4. In the first instance, mothers are always women. And like all women, mothers love nice jewelry. On Mother’s day children bake a cake and attach a gift certificate to a jewelry store.
  5. Finally, for some mothers children will buy books or magazines’ subscription for the whole year, since mothers like to take inspiration from modern journals.

Mothers can be remembered in many different ways, but the most important gift is an attention, appreciation and hug for a mother.

Have a nice Mother’s day, our dear, caring, and always loving mothers!


Comment from Urho M.
Time May 12, 2012 at 2:46 pm

Happy Mother’s day!

Comment from Kathy Wimberly
Time May 12, 2012 at 3:25 pm

Thanks for the information on Finnish Mother’s Day celebrations, Snezhana. I think the preferred gifts will vary from country to country, but it makes sense to me that a visit to a spa is the most popular gift in Finland. I like the emphasis on handmade cards, photos, and cakes, too. To me, that always means that more time and thought were put into the gift. I will enjoy my day more when I remember your thoughts here. Thanks!

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